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Volleyball Flooring Decisions For The Nitro Volleyball Club

Signature Presents The Pros & Cons Of Two Flooring Options For Volleyball Courts

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Project: : Nitro Volleyball Club
Location: Texas

Installation Date: 2010
Product: TempoTile (Red, Black, Light Grey, Dark Blue)

Opening a brand new volleyball facility in Texas, the owner of the Nitro Volleyball Club required an athletic surface that would not only meet his budget, but provide the necessary. Given his budget and the application, a Signature Sports representative immediately recommended two flooring options: SignaFlex™ and TempoTile™. The two products provided the following advantages and disadvantages that the client had to consider:

Inexpensive, relative to hardwood, while maintaining all performance and safety characteristics such as shock absorption and slip resistance, which are essential for volleyball.
Real wood look.
Easy-to-maintain surface with polyurethane finish.
Recommended permanent installation.
Requires moisture testing.
Portable and temporary nature of TempoTile allows for easy relocation. This is ideal for leased facilities.
Most affordable athletic surface.
The modularity of TempoTile means that damaged areas can be easily and seamlessly replaced.
No real wood look.
Design scheme limited.
No moisture testing required.

Signature and Nitro reviewed each product carefully and selected TempoTile™ product as the best suited. From the product's palette of 14 solid colors, four were selected: Light Grey, Red, Black, and Dark Blue. The modular nature of TempoTile allowed the owner to accommodate the preexisting columns in his facility without issue, to minimize his costs even further by covering only the space required for each volleyball court, and to install the floor easily with the assistance of a Signature representative.

Once the rubber was down, TempoTile snapped together, and the white volleyball court lines applied, the 8,300 sqft volleyball facility was finished and ready for rigorous use. This project was definitely a success.

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