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Elevated Synthetic Running Track Installed At The Cincinnati Sports Club

Read About The Challenges Our Synthetic Sports Floor Team Faced During This Difficult Installation

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"We were able to open the track on time…Thanks for all your help with this project. The track has been a great improvement to our facility."
         -Tom Fiorini, Facility Director

Project: Cincinatti Sports Club Elevated Track Installation
Owner: Tom Fiorini
Location: Cincinatti, OH
Installation Date: 2010
Product: SignaFlor 6+2

Cincinnati Sports Club, an athletic facility located in Cincinnati, OH, offers its clients an 8,000sqft elevated, 2 lane track. After years of wear and tear, the track needed to be replaced and the facility went through a rigorous selection process to select SignaSports™ to manager the removal of the existing rubber surface and the installation of a brand new synthetic system, SignaFlor 6+2. SignaFlor is an ideal system for such an application because it provides the necessary coefficient of friction to prevent slipping; shock absorption to avoid injury; and durability to withstand the facility’s heavy traffic. Even better, it can provide custom colors to match any school color, corporate logo, or commercial branding.

In two phases, the installation crew arrived on site, removed and disposed of the existing surface and installed SignaFlor. The removal of 8,000sqft of surfacing was a large task but equipped with the proper tools and expertise, Signature removed the surface in 2 days without delays. With the concrete substrate exposed, 2 layers of an Ardex Feather Finish skim coat were applied and the installation of the first layer of SignaFlor, the rubber, proceeded.

A6 mm rubber underlayment provided the needed shock absorption to prevent injury and provide comfort to the facility’s track users. Once completed, the successive layers of sealer and self-leveling 2mm wear layer were applied. In this particular facility, the banks of the elevated track were slightly banked not permitting the standard application of the self-leveling wear layer. To follow the same application would result in a wear layer with an inconsistent thickness, which would have a direct impact on the surface’s performance. Relying on our company’s experience with polyurethane materials, Signature’s crew manipulated the application process to accommodate the banked corners and to produce a consistent wear coat. After 8 days of installation, the surface was finished and the final track lines were applied.

With a well-planned schedule and a high quality product, Signature minimized the track’s temporary closing, which was great news for the owner. Even better, when the club’s new SignaFlor systems reaches the end of its lifespan, the facility doesn’t have to replace the floor! We can simply pour a 2mm wear coat and refinish the topcoat to provide the club with a brand new athletic surface at a fraction of the cost.



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