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Rolled Vinyl Flooring for Gyms, Dance Studios, Aerobics & Equipment Areas

SignaFlex is an attractive rolled vinyl flooring product that is easy to install and maintain. If you are looking for a real wood appearance without the expense, this is the best option available for you. Suitable for gymnasiums, locker rooms, yoga or aerobics studios, equipment rooms, common areas, and more, SignaFlex offers many options and benefits:

Available in eight smooth faux wood finishes and ten lightly textured solid colors. It is also available in a texture designed specifically for badminton courts.(Some colors require a longer lead time for manufacturing.)

Superior shock absorption makes it a safe flooring solution for any activity or age group

Great coefficient of friction offers optimal slip resistance

Consistent vertical deformation enables participants to increase their on-court stability and eliminate area indentation

Consistent ball rebound superior to that of other comparable floors

Sustains its structure under rolling loads and maintains a resistance to static load.

Depending on your sports flooring requirements, SignaFlex rolled vinyl sports flooring comes in three different size rolls:

4.5mm x 5’11” x 65’6”
6.5mm x 5’11” x 49'
8.0mm x 5’11” x 36’


How does SignaFlex rolled vinyl athletic flooring work?

SignaFlex is comprised of four layers engineered to maximize your sports flooring’s athletic potential: The durable polyurethane surface layer provides excellent resistance to dirt build-up and contains a bacteriostat agent to suppress the buildup of bacteria – a healthy added bonus for any athletic area. The vinyl wear layer offers superior durability to that of other products. A reinforced woven glassfiber inner layer provides excellent dimensional stability. Finally, the closed cell foam backing offers excellent shock-resistance, superior stability, and good energy return for prolonged activities. Click here to see how its installed.


Contact one of our SignaFlex experts today!

Our certfied sports flooring expert will visit your facility to perform moisture tests, compare flooring samples, and confirm that SignaFlex rolled vinyl flooring is the right solution for your athletic flooring needs. Pre-installation preparation is minimal and installation is much faster and easier than most flooring options. A layer of adhesive is applied to a clean, dry floor and then your new SignaFlex flooring is simply rolled out. Seams between rolls are heat welded in a matching or contrasting color to create a smooth surface that can withstand rigorous athletic activity. Review how SignaFlex rolled vinyl flooring installation is performed. Contact one of our sports flooring experts today about this excellent shock absorbent flooring solution.

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