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Damage By A Storm, A School Gym Floor Gets A Hardwood Upgrade

Utilizing SignaWood Tongue & Groove Hardwood Floor Planks For Their Affordability & Ease Of Installation

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Project: : Westchester School Gymnasium Floor
Owner: Westchester School for Special Children
Location:Yonkers, NY

Installation Date: 2010
Product: SignaWood Clip Beech

After a storm severely damaged the existing gymnasium flooring, the Westchester School for Special Children consulted with SignaSports™ on the installation of a brand new, 3,500sqft athletic system for their gymnasium. After careful consideration of both synthetic and hardwood systems, Westchester selected Signature’s SignaWood Clip System, a 7/8” Beech floating wood surface that complies with all DIN 18032 and EN 1404 testing standards. It proved the perfect gymnasium upgrade, replacing the previous vinyl composition tile, and Signature’s installation crew installed the floor punctually and within budget.

The school was torn between two systems offered by Signature Sports: SignaFlor and SignaWood Clip. Under normal circumstances, the polyurethane SignaFlor system would have been a great selection providing the performance and the shock absorption the school desired. That said, however, the adhesive from the vinyl tile remained on the substrate and the installation of SignaFlor would require additional costs and time associated with properly preparing the substrate. Subsequently, after consultation with a Signature representative, Westchester selected our SignaWood floating system that offered a unique, steel clip connection system that permitted installation directly over the substrate. SignaWood Clip reduced costs, reduced the installation time, and was able to provide the school with a high performance athletic system that entirely transformed their gymnasium from a storm-damaged facility to a high-end competitive surface.

After our crew arrived on site and once quantities and dimensions were verified, installation began. The SignaWood Clip system is a floating tongue and groove system that lies over a 3/8” foam underlayment. The foam easily unrolls and tapes at the seams. Once completed, the initial Beech planks can be installed. For most educational facilities, the prefinished wood surface is essential, since it circumvents the need to sand and or seal the wood surface, which can release harmful odors into the surround air and possibly disrupt the day-to-day activities of the school. Shortly after installation, our crew had to leverage their install experience and their expertise with SignaWood to accommodate the exposed radiators along the perimeter. Once done, installation resumed and the crew finished the installation with a 6’ center court school logo and painted lanes areas, and the installation of a vent cove along the perimeter.

Advantages of SignaWood Clip
Longer lifespan - 7/8” thick wood plank
Prefinished wood surface permitted a quick turnaround
Floating floor installed directly over existing substrate with           minimal prep saved money
Meets all DIN and EN standards





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