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Weight Room Flooring

High Quality Rubber & Synthetic Flooring for Health Clubs, Weight Rooms & Gyms

SignaSports™ offers the widest variety of weight room flooring on the market today. So many options can be overwhelming, but our team of athletic flooring experts is here to assist you and ensure that you make the right choice for your weight room application. Whether you need an “off-the-rack” rolled rubber floor or modular tile floor in one of our many standard colors, or a custom created seamless floor in your team or corporate colors, look no further.

Contact one of our representatives today to get the perfect flooring for your weight room. After assessing your flooring needs over the phone, we will suggest a solution for your weight room, but just to be sure we’ll visit your facility to perform a few tests and show you samples of our products. Only when we are certain that we’ve chosen the right floor for your weight room will our certified installation team install your new flooring.


RubberDeck is the most popular option for weight room floors. Made from recycled rubber tires, this Earth-friendly flooring can withstand repeated battering by dropped weights and is very easy to clean. Available in four varieties: 48” rolled rubber flooring 6mm or 8mm), 24” square interlocking Puzzle Tiles, raised 24” square Super Tiles that allow cables and electrical cords to run underneath, and TrackDeck high-performance rolled rubber flooring available in 8mm. Offering the most standard colors and custom options on the market, RubberDeck dent-resistant flooring is an easy choice for any weight room.


TrackDeck is a high quality, durable rubber flooring product, available in 8mm rolls. This product is extremely versatile, environmentally freindly, and easy to maintain. Choose from 6 standard colors, or create a custom color to match your facility decor.


SignaFlor pad and pour flooring is another great choice for weight room flooring. The evenly poured wear layer offers excellent shock absorption, coefficient of friction, and is easy to clean and maintain. Vibrant color options allow for customization to match your team or corporate colors.


SignaDeck and SignaDeck Premium rubber tiles are the top-of-the-line choice for weight room floors. The 9mm options feature a shock absorbent underlayer made from recycled rubber (just like RubberDeck rubber floors) and an incredibly sturdy, spike-resistant top layer. SignaDeck is also slip, wear, chemical, and burn resistant, hygenic, and easy to maintain. SignaDeck is available in 9 colors, and SignaDeck Premium is available in 8 colors.

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