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SignaFlor Pad & Pour Sports Floors Installed At Epiphany Christian School Gym

A Great Choice For Their Very First Gym Floor Installation

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Project:Epiphany Christian School Gym Addition
Location:New Bern, North Carolina
Product: SignaFlor

SignaSports™ was happy to help the Epiphany Christian School plan and install its very first school gym in early 2012. The Epiphany Christian School was looking for a suitable gym floor that could be durable enough for rallies, dances, and banquets, while still providing a consistent surface for competitive sports. After discussing the needs and requirements of the Epiphany Christian School, our team of SignaSports™ experts recommended that the school go with our pad and pour SignaFlor, which met all its multipurpose needs at a very affordable price.

Working alongside Tarkee (a contractor from New Bern) and the Epiphany Christian School, we began the installation process of a SignaFlor system equipped with logos and athletic lines for a new basketball court and three new volleyball courts. We sent our trusted team of SignaSports™ installation experts who inspected the area, tested the subsurface to make sure everything was set for SignaFlor to be installed, and consulted with the Epiphany Christian School to make sure all of its needs were met, which included choosing the right SignaFlor thickness. When the work area was finally ready for installation, the SignaSports™ team installed the seamless, pad-and-pour stone gray SignaFlor with custom school logos and sports lines.

The 13,500 square/ft gym floor was no challenge for our trained installation team. The Epiphany Christian School decided to go with the 6 + 2 SignaFlor for added support while still maintaining high quality technical specifications including ball rebound and shock absorption. In addition to the courts, we installed a 4000 square/ft area to withstand the weight and pressure of bleachers by using a fiber mesh added support system set under Hussey Seating Maxam Bleachers. Our professional installation team completed the gym in only 9 days and the Epiphany Christian School was ready to begin its sports and multipurpose functions on a brand new, renewable wear surface SignaFlor.

SignaFlor was the perfect match for The Epiphany Christian School by providing a multipurpose gym floor suitable for competitive sports, school events, dances, and banquets, all at an affordable price. We were pleased to work with the Epiphany Christian School and we are sure that SignaFlor will exceed the school’s expectations for years to come.

The SignaFlor Advantage

  • Cost effective alternative to hardwood gym floors without compromising quality or durability.
  • Allows the facility to be used for non sporting events including banquets, dances, and rallies.
  • SignaFlor can contribute to LEED certification requirements.
  • Shock absorption can be altered to meet your needs during installation.





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