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Locker Room Floors & Locker Room Surface

Buy a Locker Room Floor That Is Designed To Handle High Traffic & Abuse

The locker room is one of the highest trafficked areas of any athletic facility, and requires durable floor surfaces that meet the various needs of its different areas. The entry and changing areas need a heavy duty floor that can withstand wear caused by non-athletic footwear and is easy to clean, while shower areas require a slip-resistant waterproof surface. Signature Sports Flooring offers a variety of suitable products. Our certified sports flooring experts will be happy to discuss your locker room flooring options with you.


SignaFlor is a pad and pour system that creates a durable synthetic, seamless surface. Very easy to clean and maintain, this is an excellent option for entry and changing areas in your locker room. The evenly poured wear layer features vibrant color options that can be customized to highlight your facility’s color scheme and is easily refurbished to accommodate wear. Adding a custom logo to SignaFlor provides an excellent opportunity for you to display team spirit on your locker from floor.


SignaFlex rolled vinyl flooring is another excellent flooring option for entryways and changing areas within your locker room. With the look of real wood and an antibacterial dirt-resistant coating, this is a great combination of sophisticated aesthetics, hard-wearing practicality, and hygienic cleanliness. SignaFlex is available in eight simulated wood finishes and 10 vibrant solid colors.


SignaFlex Aqua is the best solution for the shower and other wet areas. This high quality slip-resistant vinyl flooring contains a bacteriostat agent that inhibits growth of microorganisms and bacteria and meets LEED certification. Available in two surfaces; textured for bare feet areas and smooth LR for soft soled shoe areas. This rolled vinyl flooring is heat welded at seams and to inset gully edges for a completely watertight seal. Choose from coordinating or contrasting color options.


RubberDeck is a durable flooring option for the entry and changing areas that is easy to clean and maintain. Made from recycled rubber tires, this Earth-friendly flooring can withstand heavy traffic and helps to absorb sound. Available in three varieties: 48” rolled rubber flooring, 24” square interlocking Puzzle Tiles, and raised 24” square Super Tiles that allow cables and electrical cords to run underneath. Available in 29 standard colors with innumerable custom options, including built-in logos and designs.


TrackDeck is a high quality, durable rubber flooring product, available in 8mm, 10mm, and 12mm thick rolls. This product is extremely versatile, environmentally freindly, and easy to maintain. Choose from 6 standard colors, or create a custom color to match your facility decor.


SignaDeck and SignaDeck Premium rubber tile floors are a great soution for locker rooms and changing areas. Built to withstand heavy traffic, these floors can take just about anything you throw at them. Slip and spike resistant, they also absorb sound and are easy to clean and maintain. The SignaDeck line is available in 3mm or 9mm for extra shock absorption and offers 17 colors with attractive EPDM flecks.

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