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Signature Installs An Athletic Surface In A Gym At John F. Kennedy High School In Yigo, Guam

Leveraging Signature's Experience and Reach For International Sports Flooring Installations

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Project: : John F Kennedy High School
Location: Yigo, Guam
Architect: Architect Laguana
General Contractor: International Bridge Corporation
Installation Date: 2012
Product: : SignaFlor 9+2 / SignaFlex 6.5mm Oak

Requiring a manufacturer and contractor with the capacity to work overseas, International Bridge Corporation contacted SignaSports™ regarding the installation of a new synthetic athletic surface for a 14,000sqft gymnasium and 1,700sqft dance room within the newly constructed John F. Kennedy High School located in Yigo, Guam.

This type of project fit perfectly into Signature’s niche. Not only did it leverage Signature’s broad sports flooring product line and in-house installation team, but it took advantage of the extensive experience that our company has with overseas logistics and project management. Guam’s isolation from the mainland United States makes the completion of new construction projects more difficult, since materials are difficult to source and companies capable of accommodating such a long-distanced project are few. Signature’s in-house contracting division and global partnerships, however, circumvent these obstacles.

After several consultations between the architect, contractor, and designated Signature project manager, the products were approved - SignaFlorTM 9+2 for the gymnasium and SignaFlexTM 6.5mm for the dance room - and the final design layout finalized. In this case, as with many others, Signature’s experience says that less is more when it comes to game lines. More times than not, architects and contractors rely on Signature as the sports flooring expert. Without sacrificing too much, Signature made alternations to the game line layout – which included 3 high school regulation basketball courts, three volleyball courts, and a 12’ center court logo— that were to the immediate satisfaction of both the architect and the facility manager. Remember that not only does Signature manufacture and install, but we consult, which helps to make our clients’ visions even better.

With materials and colors finalized, our Logistics department coordinated the delivery and arrival of all materials and equipment to Yigo, Guam. As the date for installation approached, a minor setback occurred. The general contractor’s relative humidity readings showed an RH reading that exceeded our products’ specifications. With that said, we consulted with International Bridge Corporation on possible solutions and the parties agreed to purchase an Ardex MC Plus moisture barrier and have our crew install the product.

Ultimately, no moisture barrier was needed. Due to delays with sourcing the material, additional RH tests completed by Signature complied with industry standards and our crew proceeded with the install. Although a delay of several weeks did occur, the contractor and the architect saved the cost of having the barrier installed.

Upon confirmation of the moisture levels and after having received the green light from the project manager, our six men began the project and finished the installation of both the gymnasium and the dance room in 14 days, well ahead of the schedule anticipated by the contractor and architect. Signature’s completion of the job even prompted the arrival of the local media. Although unexpected, our crew handled the media interviews just as well as the gym floor installation: successfully and with professionalism.

It goes without saying that all parties involved were thoroughly pleased with the high standard of Signature’s services and we do look forward to returning to Guam in the near future. The beaches sure are beautiful.






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