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RubberDeck Interlocking Rubber Flooring Tiles

Interlocking Rubber Floors For Weight Rooms, Home Gyms, Workout Areas & More

RubberDeck interlocking rubber flooring tiles are the ideal solution for those seeking a temporary or semi-permanent flooring system that can take repeat abuse from dropping dumbbells in a weight room, dragging equipment on the ground and aggressive pedestrian movement.  RubberDeck interlocking rubber tiles quickly and easily transform almost any type of floor into an area that can handle heavy weights, large gym equipment & spikes.

RubberDeck rubber puzzle tiles are offered in over 35 different colors, and are sized at 8mm x 2’ x 2’ for use in a wide variety of different flooring applications.  We also offer custom colors for a completely unique look.  Contact us now to further discuss the custom possibilities with RubberDeck tiles.

Compared to rubber flooring rolls, RubberDeck rubber interlocking tiles are more user-friendly, making them the ideal product to create temporary rubber floors for home gyms, weight room areas, aerobic rooms, and multipurpose rooms.


Why Buy RubberDeck Rubber Interlocking Floor Tiles

-100% Made In The USA – RubberDeck tiles are manufactured in the USA, which helps to ensure superior build quality and the most environmentally friendly manufacturing processes possible.

-Ease Of Installation – Compared to rubber flooring rolls, with interlocking rubber floor tiles, you do not have to maneuver a large, heavy rubber roll to the installation site.  Instead, you pick-up each individual tile and position them one at a time.  Anybody can install these tiles!

-No Need For Adhesives To Glue Down The Floor – On many subsurfaces, you do not need to use glue or adhesives to prevent the floor from moving.  Rubber’s natural ability to maintain traction on a variety of surfaces means no extra work or cost for you since you won’t have to hire professional installers for rubber flooring.

-Easy Replacement Process –With traditional rolled rubber flooring, replacing a damaged section could get costly, because you would have to replace a large piece of flooring.  But with interlocking tiles, all you have to do is pull up the damaged tile, and replace it with a new tile.  No experience necessary to install it right the first time

-Ideal For High Moisture Environments –Interlocking flooring tiles can be quickly removed when faced with a subsurface that is prone to become saturated with moisture.  This helps to prevent mold and bacterial build-up in the floor itself, which will help your weight room facility, gym, home or office stay clean and sanitary.

-Highest Quality Materials Used –Using SBR rubber for a consistently dark, rich finish and the highest concentration of non-post consumer EPDM flakes helps keep our rubber looking great for years to come.  Our rubber tiles are cured with organic peroxides, not sulfur to make our floors odorless.

RubberDeck Interlocking Tiles Are Ideal For A Variety Of Different Applications, Including:
-weight room floors
-gym flooring
-high-traffic pathways
-as an underlayment for carpet installations
-equipment rooms
-home gym flooring
-temporary flooring
-garage flooring



Contact one of our flooring experts today!

Offering the best interlocking rubber flooring products on the market today, SignaSports™ is excited to discuss with you the incredible range of flooring possibilities with RuberDeck tiles.  Give us a call at 1-800-705-1544 to discuss your rubber flooring needs, fill out the form on the right, or email us at to speak with one of our rubber flooring specialists.


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