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The gymnasium is oftentimes the focal point of any athletic facility and as such, the gym floor provides the most dramatic visual impact. Signature has the right gym flooring product for you. We understand the technical needs dictated by the primary use of your floor (friction, shock absorption, vertical deformation, etc). We also understand the importance of aesthetics – a custom floor with your logo and team colors can inspire your athletes to greatness and intimidate visiting teams! We specialize in providing a customized gym floor that matches your school/corporate colors and the activities that you plan to conduct on the surface. No matter how big or small, your gym floor matters! Contact the Signature Sports Flooring team will ensure that you get the right sports flooring for your gymnasium.


SignaWood hardwood gym flooring is our premium gym floor product. Made from beautiful press dried beech wood that is harvested and milled using environmentally sound practices, our floors install faster and last longer than traditional maple gym floors. Our experienced team of sports flooring professionals will tailor the unique undercarriage system to your specific needs to provide optimum shock absorption, vertical deformation, and ball rebound.

SignaWood hardwood gym floor

SignaFlor pad and pour flooring creates an economical and visually impressive seamless gym floor without compromising durability or quality. The SignaFlor system is installed by our experienced pad and pour flooring installation team and offers consistent ball bounce, shock absorption, coefficient of friction, and is easy to clean and maintain. Vibrant pad and pour flooring color options allow for customization to match your team or corporate colors.


SignaFlex rolled vinyl flooring presents the appearance of real wood, with a few added features not present with traditional hardwood gym floors. The polyurethane coating resists dirt build-up and contains an anti-bacterial agent while providing optimal slip resistance. This cost effective gym flooring product does not compromise consistent ball bounce, shock absorption, vertical deformation, or coefficient of friction. Available in a variety of simulated wood finishes and lightly textured vibrant rolled vinyl flooring colors.


RubberDeck rubber rolls and flooring tiles create a seamless shock-absorbent, anti-slip surface that is perfect for gym floors, locker rooms, and weight rooms. It comes in convenient general-purpose rolls, easily-installed interlocking puzzle tiles, and heavy-duty Super Tiles. RubberDeck is available in solid black or with varying amounts of colored flecks to match your organization's colors. It is environmentally friendly, made from 100% recycled rubber, and can be customized with any logo you desire.

rubberdeck elite

TrackDeck rolled rubber flooring is a great choice for gym floors. Available in three thicknesses to suit your particular needs, these elite rolls provide excellent force reduction and ball rebound. Choose from six standard rubber flooring colors or ask about custom color options.


TempoTile interlocking plastic tiles quickly snap together to create our most cost-effective gym floor. Each TempoTile sits on over 900 ribbed support pillars that help to distribute weight for kinetic impact and shock absorption. Striping and lining are available for game courts as well as foam underlayment for sound dampening properties. Two varieties of TempoTile are appropriate for gym flooring: TempoTile Vinyl features a vinyl inlay imprinted with a light or dark parquet oak pattern or in solid black or white, and TempoTile Smooth is available in 14 solid colors that can be mixed and matched. Because TempoTile interlocking floor tile installation & dismantling is so easy, it is ideally suited to temporary applications.

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