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Common Area & Waiting Area Floors For Sale

Have Our Experts Assist You in Creating An Entrance With The Appropriate Look & Feel For Your Gym, Spa or Athletic Facility

The flooring you choose for common areas are just as important as the athletic performance portions of your facility, as it leaves a lasting impression on your guests and clients. The common area provides an opportunity to set the mood for your fitness center, studio, or athletic department. Do you want to create a sophisticated spa feel or do you want to keep your athletes pumped and ready for more training? Whatever look you wish to achieve, we have a practical attractive solution that will work with your budget and last for years to come.


SignaFlor is a pad and pour system that creates a durable synthetic, seamless surface. The evenly poured wear layer features vibrant color options that can be customized to highlight your facility’s color scheme and is easily refurbished to accommodate wear. Custom logo imprinting provides an excellent branding opportunity for your common areas.


SignaFlex rolled vinyl flooring is an excellent flooring option for common areas. With the look of real wood and an antibacterial dirt-resistant coating, this is a great combination of sophisticated aesthetics, hard-wearing practicality, and hygienic cleanliness. SignaFlex is available in eight simulated wood finishes and ten vibrant solid colors.


SignaFlex Aqua LR slip-resistant rolled vinyl flooring is another practical and attractive flooring option for common areas and corridors where guests will be wearing soft-soled shoes. This synthetic surface meets LEED certification and all requirements for slip resistance, indentation resistance, fire safety, wear resistance, heat resistance, and flexibility. It also contains bacteriostat which inhibits the growth of microorganisms and bacteria. It will be easy to keep your common areas clean with SignaFlex Aqua LR, but the colorful silicon carbide and quartz flecks will hide any mishaps.


RubberDeck is a durable flooring option for common areas that is easy to clean and maintain. Made from recycled rubber tires, this Earth-friendly flooring can withstand heavy traffic and helps to absorb sound. Available in three varieties: 48” rolled rubber flooring, 24” square interlocking Puzzle Tiles, and raised 24” square Super Tiles that allow cables and electrical cords to run underneath. Available in 29 standard colors and many custom options, RubberDeck dent-resistant flooring is a wise choice for your corridors and common areas.


TrackDeck is a high quality, durable rubber flooring product, available in 8mm, 10mm, and 12mm thick rolls. This product is extremely versatile, environmentally freindly, and easy to maintain. Choose from 6 standard colors, or create a custom color to match your facility decor.


TempoTile is an interlocking modular tile system offering versatility in design and function. TempoTile offers a low-cost alternative to hardwood floors that is easily installed without the use of tools or skilled labor. They are available in 14 solid colors that are sure to match your design scheme.


SignaDeck and SignaDeck Premium rubber tile flooring are the ideal solution for common areas. Available in 17 attractive color options, SignaDeck is built to withstand years of heavy traffic. These shock and sound absorbent floors resist slipping, spikes, burns, chemicals, and wear while complimenting any design scheme.


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