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Edgar Elementary School Gets New Rubber Gym Floor Tile & Rolled Vinyl Sports Floors

Supplied & Installed By The Athletic Flooring Experts At SignaSports™

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Project: : Edgar Elementary School
Owner: Edgar School District
Location: Edgar, WI

Installation Date: 2011
Product: : SignaFlex 4.5mm (Noble Zelkova); RubberDeck Puzzle Tile (10% Green)

In 2011, Signature Sports partnered with general contractor, Kraemer Brothers, Inc., and architecture firm Somerville, Inc., on the provision and installation of athletic surfacing at the newly constructed Edgar Elementary School located in Edgar, Wisconsin.

Initially, Kraemer contracted Signature Sports to provide and install approximatley 10,000sqft of its RubberDeck® Interlocking Tile in the standard 10% green (Green matched the school colors): 5,000sqft in the Fitness Center and 5,000sqft in the Multipurpose Room; however, after further consideration, the architect changed the product in the latter room to a vinyl. Given Signature’s current investment in the project and our company’s broad surfacing line, Signature and the architect consulted and selected Signature to install our SignaFlexTM 4.5mm in the Noble Zelkova wood finish.

Like most installations, Edgar could not begin until moisture tests were completed and, fortunately, they were. Although the RubberDeck Interlocking Tiles could be installed over a substrate with high moisture levels, since the floating installation method and interlocking system allow the substrate to “breathe” and prohibit any moisture from being trapped beneath the new flooring system. With SignaFlexTM, however, which is seamless synthetic system that is permanently installed, moisture tests are essential.

Given the test results, the project manager coordinated the installation of RubberDeck; however, had to delay the installation of SignaFlexTM. The Owner, contractor, and architect decided that the best route was to wait for the concrete substrate to dry and further cure.

Eventually, although delayed, installation on the multipurpose room began and finished. All parties involved were thoroughly satisfied with the results and the students at Edgar Elementary School now have new synthetic surfaces to take advantage of in both their Fitness and Multipurpose Rooms.






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