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Aerobics Room Floors & Aerobic Activity Flooring For Sale

Buy Quality Floors Designed For Aerobic & Cardio Rooms

SignaSports™ offers 5 flooring products that are ideal for traditional aerobic activities. The most important factors to consider for this purpose are shock absorption, coefficient of friction, and ease of maintenance. Please contact one ( of our certified sports flooring experts today to discuss your


SignaWood hardwood sports flooring provides the perfect surface for activities like aerobics, Pilates, yoga, and dance. This beautiful real beech hardwood floor installs faster and cleaner than traditional maple flooring and lasts longer. The best part is that all of our hardwood is harvested and milled using the kindest and most efficient environmental practices.


SignaWood Studio floor

SignaFlor pad and pour flooring creates an economical and visually impressive seamless aerobics room floor without compromising durability or quality. The SignaFlor pad and pour flooring installation process is performed by our experienced team and offers ideal shock absorption and coefficient of friction for aerobic activities, and is easy to clean and maintain. 
Vibrant pad and pour flooring color options allow for customization to match your facility’s design scheme.


SignaFlex rolled vinyl flooring presents the appearance of real wood, with a few added features not present with traditional hardwood gym floors. The polyurethane coating resists dirt build-up and contains an anti-bacterial agent while providing optimal slip resistance. This cost effective flooring does not compromise shock absorption, vertical deformation, or coefficient of friction. Available in a variety of simulated wood finishes and lightly textured vibrant colors, this is an ideal aerobics floor.


SignaDeck and SignaDeck Premium rubber tile flooring are excellent options for aerobics, Pilates, and yoga studios. Available in 17 attractive color options, these environmentally friendly floors are slip resistant, shock absorbent, and easy to clean and maintain. For added safety, we recommend the 9mm options that feature a cushioned rubber underlayment.

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